Here I have put links to various resources and book titles that have been helpful to me in my walk with The Lord and also as a wife and mother. Many of the resources listed below are helpful for verse mapping and in depth Bible studies when researching the original language and finding helpful cross-reference notes. Hopefully these resources can be beneficial to you as well. Enjoy.

**None of the links below are affiliate. I will not earn a commission off any sales from the below links. I have no inappropriate incentives to offer the below resources.

Basic Resources

The Holy Bible

Ultimately, the most important resource anyone can have. I read from the NKJV, KJV, ESV, and NASB. If you do not own a Bible in print you can download free apps for your phone or tablet that have different Bible versions available immediately. Buying a print Bible is important but if you cannot afford to spend much money there are prints of the Bible you can find at the Dollar Tree for $1. Alternatively, you could call a local trusted church and ask if they have an extra Bible for you.

Blue Letter Bible

A great resource for comparing different Bible versions, discovering relevant cross reference notes, and related Bible passages on topical studies. This website has a lot of tools to offer, check it out for completely free below.
Visit their website here.

Accordance Bible Software

I own a paid version of Accordance Bible Software, however you can download a demo version on your phone for free. I use this resource for access to different Bible versions with Strong’s numbers, commentaries, and lexicons.
Visit their website here.

Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance of The Bible

Along with the Strong’s software in the Accordance database, having a print version of this information has shown to be extremely helpful. The specific book we have includes the Hebrew and Greek Strong’s numbers and have shown helpful when doing studying into verses original language meaning and where certain words are used in other places of scripture for cross referencing and gaining a better understanding of the text. As we know, The Bible was not written in English, so understanding the original language can add depth to our Bible studies.
Find it here.

Women’s Studies + Resources

The Peaceful Wife

April Cassidy is the author of the book The Peaceful Wife, who also runs a blog with the same title, and has a YouTube channel under her name.

I have found April’s work incredibly helpful in the areas of cultivating the fruit of the spirit and learning how to retrain our minds from sinful or hurtful thought patterns into God honoring, loving ones. She has another book titled The Peaceful Mom as well, her books can be found on Amazon.
Check out her blog here.


  • The Woman who Pleases God (a Guided Bible study) by Emmaus Worldwide Courses Find it here
  • God’s Blueprint for your Marriage (a Guided Bible study) by Emmaus Worldwide Course