My Poetry

Hi there! I am honored in your interest in my Christian poetry. Currently I have two poetry collections published. The first is Eighteen Years and my latest publication is titled Seasons. You can find the description of each Poetry collection beneath the cover photo below. Thank you for your interest and support – AJ

Kindle $2.99 Paperback $5.99

Meant to be a quick read, Eighteen Years is a concise poetry collection that takes the reader on a journey through the author’s perspective of childhood sexual abuse, healing, and recovery that occurred over the course of eighteen years. Designed with purpose to not include graphic content, this book’s aim is to present heavy material in an accessible yet meaningful way. This book is intended to bring awareness, understanding, clarity and hope to all from a Christian viewpoint.

Paperback $7.00

A collection of 13 Christian poems that take the reader through various trials and common situations they may find themselves in on their Christian walk. Written in an approachable yet profound matter, Seasons is a small collection of poems to encourage, comfort, and challenge us where we are in our faith.