How you Can Bless your Family through Housekeeping

Do you think that keeping a clean and thoughtful home has little impact on your family? Think again.

You can bless your family by making your house a home in a very intentional way.

Here are a few ways you can bless your family by transforming mundane tasks into a way to express love and gratefulness.

1. Make all the beds every single day.

Even if your kids make their own bed, be sure that this gets done everyday. I have a rule of thumb and it is this: a room can be clean but if the bed is unmade it makes the entire room look messy and dirty. However, if a room is messy but the bed is made nicely, the room does not look as bad. That is because the bed is the focal point of a room, and you should be sure that the focal point of any room is in order.

Making a bed takes just a few minutes and communicates that you care.

I have heard people say they “don’t care” if a bed is messy when they get in it at night. Oh dear. Please hear me on this, just because you don’t mind living in a unkempt environment does not mean that your family appreciates that same standard. What are we teaching our children with this attitude? This mindset perpetuates irresponsibility.

Here I must note, I’m not trying to sound condemning here. I am not saying we strive for perfection by any means. I am saying that we should be trying and not making excuses though. A house should look like it’s lived in, especially with children, and it will not look like a magazine. I am trying to communicate that our thoughts about keeping a home will effect not only us but our families and possibly future generations as well.

If your husband favors a quilt or comforter set more than another be sure to have that on the bed more often. Clean your bed sheets every single week for maximum comfort and cleanliness during sleep. This will bless your spouse and children.

Does your child have a favorite blanket or stuffed animal? Launder them often and keep them placed on their bed so they will have a calming and inviting experience when it’s time to turn in for the night.

2. Make delicious and nutritious foods that they like

This is a big one! You can bless your husband/family by asking them what their favorite ten meals are, write them down, and be sure to keep them in rotation (but not too frequently of course). Be sure to shop all ingredients as nutritiously as possibly.

By cooking home made meals you save your family money, and you can control the nutrition in every bite. They may think that Burger King will bless them on impulse, but homemade pressed Cuban sandwiches with a fresh salad or homemade chicken noodle soup with homemade bread will bless their body and soul.

When your family is eating healthier because you took time to be intentional, everyone will feel better and have more clean energy throughout the day.

Eating out can bless your family too! On special occasions or a Friday night Pizza to have something to look forward to, however be careful you’re not shirking your responsibility to nurture them through their bellies.

Try making home made chocolate chip cookies that have healthier ingredients, unbleached flour, much less sugar, and see how you can experiment to make them better every time.

3. Be thoughtful with what comes into your home

Nothing clutters the mind and provokes a contentious mindset than a lot of clutter.

Why are high end hotels so peaceful? Think about it for a moment. Close your eyes and imagine the nicest hotel, like ever. Think about what a room looks like, what the fridge looks like. Its fully stocked, and clean. The bed is freshly made. The floor is clean. And most importantly, the surfaces of all the wardrobes and desk are clutter free.

Clutter makes your room looks dirty even if it is clean. 

A good rule of thumb is to try to keep all surfaces (Counters, desks, dining tables, tv stands, etc) as clear as possible.

You can bless your family by going to dollar tree (or Target if it’s in the budget) and buying some neutral color baskets, I buy the gray color from dollar tree. Instead of a large pile of paper clutter, file it away in a folder or put the stack of mail in a basket. It reduces visual clutter and instantly organizes a space nicely. I could write an entire post just on tackling paper clutter immediately but I will resist the urge to go on about it here, and save that for another day.

If something isn’t being used, and serves no purpose, its clutter. Im not saying house decor or things that have sentimental value should be donated or canned, I am saying to be thoughtful with what you decide serves that purpose. Don’t be the person who can’t get rid of anything, it does not bless your family. Learn discipline in this area if this causes problems for you.

I have had people tell me they can’t cook dinner because their kitchen is too messy and they can’t sit down and eat as a family because their table is covered in laundry. The excuse it that they can’t bless their family because they don’t want to clean it up, they are essentially shooting themselves in the foot here. They are their own worst enemy in this situation.

If your house needs a LOT of TLC you need to seriously tackle it once and for all. But it doesn’t really matter if you do a week long purge in your home to just follow up with the same behaviors that got you there in the first place. You need to change your mindset, and get accountability to be sure it doesn’t get out of hand all over again.  Again, we’re not going for perfection. A good rule of thumb I keep is this, my house should NEVER be so messy that if someone were to call me and say they would be here in 10 minutes, that I couldn’t tidy up in that amount of time. If you can achieve that, cleaning will be a breeze and it will never be dreaded.

4. Keeping a clean house blesses your family

Alright, we have tackled the clutter but what about the grime? What about that tub that always needs to be wiped out? Is the linen closet a disaster? Is their laundry from three weeks ago marinating somewhere?

I try to do at least 1 or 2 loads of laundry a day. To make sure there are always clean towels and bed sheets, and so that everyone has clean underwear on hand.

Its discouraging to be behind on laundry by many many days or weeks. So don’t let it get to that point. Stay on top of it. It’s less daunting.

It blesses your family when they have exactly what they want to wear clean and ready to go. It blesses your family that they have a clean kitchen. They can lean on the counter without a mystery substance scratching them that has been dried on the counter. They can open the fridge and not see uncleaned spilled messes that has become a literal petri dish chilling behind the macaroni salad.

Your family will not be reluctant to invite friends or family over for a last minute lunch, or an impromptu card game. This will bless your family! The idea is not to set an unrealistic standard for your friends or family, or for yourself. Its about serving them as the role God has put you in. It’s about realizing that you can make housekeeping a ministry unto your family while happily serving The Lord because how you keep a home DOES matter contrary to popular belief and does have impact. You can cultivate God honoring memories in a home in order. God is a God of order. That is clear in the Bible.

Final thoughts…

While reading this post, have these thoughts crossed your mind?

“Well what about the meals I like?”

“What about my time?”

“That’s too much effort on my part. They need to help just as much as I do. “

My encouragement to you is to understand this, make sure you give 100%. It inspires others to do the same. I promise. Make serving your family about them and not about you.

Sometimes my husband will offer to load the dishes after dinner for me, and suggests I go take some “me time”. This blesses me tremendously! Sometimes he offers to make dinner when he can tell I need a break. This blesses me! Overall, I am the main home keeper and I don’t dread that. I love it. I have a heart for hosting and heart for hospitality. If this isn’t your heart, pray that God could help you see the importance in home keeping. Our children’s memories are going to mostly be in our homes, be sure you make those good, clean memories.


Your sister in Christ,



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