The Challenge of Motherhood

Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful Moms out there reading this.

Today I have been reflecting on my daughters and what it means to me to be a mother. If I could sum up my experience so far being a Mom it could be done in a single word, but I would prefer to use two.

Joyful Sacrifice.

Before I was a mother I pictured stay at home Moms as ladies who got to sleep in, bake pies and cookies all day, and play tea party with their kids while keeping a well kept appearance and loving every moment of it.

It didn’t take long for me to realize how this image was not reality. Motherhood is one of the best gifts God gives us this side of Heaven and it is one of the most difficult things any woman can do. Both physically and mentally.

This is my reality currently: waking up very very early because my toddlers are wide awake and ready for the day (and their breakfast, right away please). Cleaning and cooking all day, luckily I do make enough baked goods like my Betty Crocker imagination, I’m like Betty Crocker but gluten-free. At the end of the day, I’m worn out, and feel like my house went through five tornados. No matter how many times I clean the kitchen, there’s more dishes. No matter how many loads of laundry I finished, there’s more.

I do not say this to complain. These are all blessings. I am so glad I have laundry to do, that’s a privilege. I am so glad I have dishes to clean, that’s a privilege. Just because these are blessings doesn’t make them any easier on us  physically. I say this because it’s okay to feel overwhelmed sometimes but it’s not okay to be ungrateful. It is a lot to be a home keeper and raising children at the same time while making fun and lasting memories for your household. Mom’s make a house a home. A place to relax, unwind, and have fun. A place that won’t always be perfect but is overflowing with love.

Motherhood requires sacrifice at every turn. Pregnant? Sacrifice your body. Birth? Sacrifice it all. Newborn? Sacrifice sleep. Toddler? Sacrifice your sanity. The sacrifices don’t end. You will be a miserable mother if you sacrifice reluctantly and you will be a lovely mother if you sacrifice joyfully. Make these sacrifices with great joy in your heart, the days are long and they are not easy but these are the “good ole days”. Will our children remember us as too busy? Too quick tempered? Never wants to play? Or as kind. Loving. Patient. Creative.

This is my challenge to you this Mother’s Day, to teach your children the joy in meaningful sacrifice and how this reflects Christ’s love for us. My encouragement to you is that just because your job as a mother is difficult to not let that discourage and distract you from the blessing and benefit of the beauty of motherhood.

Much love, AJ

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